Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oven Mitts - Puppet Style

Is it an oven mitt? a puppet? It's both....in one pattern from the talented Joanna of StardustShoes!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wishing you Joy in the New Year

Here we are, the Michael Miller gang all together for some holiday fun and games; scavenger hunt and a race to the restaurant , followed by the "Jeopardy" version of "How well do you know your co-worker?"Afterwards I decided to do a little night shopping and came upon this behind the NY Public Library in Bryant Park.............
beautiful tree, eh?
.....take a closer look....

a zillion donuts...hee...hee... heeee!
all set up to promote "The Simpson Movie" coming out on DVD
the whole family turned out
complete with a skating rink in Bryant Park.....yep.....you never know what you'll stumble upon in NYC

Shanghai - New York - home!

I'm back home in California now. I've been living out of a suitcase since Quilt Market, the end of Oct. Don't get me wrong I love the travel and it's all been invaluable. But as we all know; "there's no place like home". Sorting through and catching up after the holidays. I'll be bringing you all up to date albeit belatedly .

Here's some pics of my time in Shanghai.......amazing city...........
shopping in "Old Town"
Had a foot massage (heavenly) and an"ear massage" (wonderful). While I was on the massage table for the ear massage an ear candle was shown to me and the next thing I knew there I was lying on my side with a lit candle in my ear! Had to Google it later to find out what that was about! No harm done, but I don't think I 'll be doing that again!
Ducks on a rack
Barbecued duck feet